J07. Hitler’s Personal Photographer

Heinrich Hoffmann (1885-1957) was Hitler’s official photographer and a member of his intimate circle. Hitler and Hoffmann became good friends and it was Hoffmann who introduced Hitler to Eva Braun.

The photographs cover a broad spectrum: the West front; the East front; battle of Leningrad; German infantry in Ukraine; General Rommel in Africa; troops in the African desert; Warsaw; Japanese bomber planes, etcetera. 16 of the photographs prominently feature Hitler.

In addition, various important historical events are documented, including: The German-Slovak Treaty of August 28, 1939; the aftermath of the November 8, 1939 assassination attempt on Hitler’s life; and Hitler’s meetings with Benito Mussolini.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend

The collection documents of one of Hitler’s most infamous meetings — that with Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (1897-1974), the Muslim leader in Mandatory Palestine. That meeting was in November 1941, and some claim that al-Husseini convinced Hitler to engage in the “final solution” against German Jews. Although likely an exageration of the events, al-Husseini has been described by the American Jewish Congress as “Hitler’s henchman” for shutting out the possibility of Jews escaping Germany for Mandatory Palestine. Numerous academic studies have analyzed the relationship of al-Husseini and Hitler, and this collection includes an original press photograph of the meeting printed by Hitler’s personal photographer.

The 92 photographs documents the carefully crafted propaganda narrative arising from the close relationship of Hitler and Hoffmann.

Hoffmann, Heinrich. COLLECTION OF 92 ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Berlin: Presse-Illustrationen Heinrich Hoffmann, all dated between 1939 & 1941. Photographs 5 by 7 inches. Almost all stamped on verso “Copyright Presse-Illustrationen Heinrich Hoffmann…” together with typewritten descriptions, the date, and Hoffmann’s inventory number.

Condition ranges from Good to Very Good. Some with small tears and blemishes, but overall a very nice collection.


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