J24. Astronauts & Cosmonauts in Soviet Schools

These are Soviet educational slides for students learning about cosmonauts and space travel. Some slides are informational providing formulas, space travel trajectories, or [“biological research in space”]. Other slides prominently depict famous cosmonauts. For example, at least six slides depict Valentina Tereshkova (born 1937)—the first woman in space. The first dog in space, Laika, is also depicted multiple times. Interestingly, there is one slide of Nasa astronauts as well.

An insightful view into how Soviet schools taught their students about space travel.

[COSMONAUTICS]. n.p.: n.p., [ca. 1970]. Collection of 69 vintage heavy glass slides (mostly in color). Housed in a contemporary box labeled “Cosmonautics” in Russian. Each slide 3 by 3 inches. Good to Very Good. Top of box crushed; some slides with scratches.


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